Inligo is a digital growth agency based in Oslo, Norway. We are a team of product developers, growth marketers, product designers and business wizards that loves to solve problems and create better products and help businesses grow.


All the great inventors and explorers had a «what if»-mentality that gave us the modern world we are living in today. Curiosity is what is changing the status quo, brings progress, gives the ability to create new things and solve big problems. We make sure that our team consist of people with a curious mind that creates a culture of exploring and problem solving. Curiosity is what drives the world forward.

We Challenge You!

Our job is to challenge you and your business in order to think and act smarter in a highly competitive and crowded market. We believe in shaking the status quo and create progress. Thats why we are building a company with curious and growth minded people that are happy to get the chance to make you move forward.

Our Planet And Neighbours

We believe better businesses creates a better world. We are deeply into making your business better. Thats why we are using environmentally ways in consuming and transportation as long as its possible. We also give 10 % of our annual surplus to charity.

The Team

Our mission is to help forward-thinking business owners getting their vision and mission out there and solve problems for their customers and users with a sustainable growth strategy, branding, growth operations, a new or improved mobile app, website, web store and digital solutions with virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning built in.

Come and play with us!

Give us a call or a text if you´re interested in joining our playground and help businesses build better products, grow stronger and innovate faster.

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Why Inligo?

Whether you are a startup or a larger company and have a problem solving your customers or users problems, need a way to validate a product idea, need to create a completely new digital product, improve your digital product or help to find sustainable ways to grow your company, we got you covered!
Inligo help small and bigger companies to grow, solve problems and create better digital products faster. By working with Inligo you connect your company into a diverse and growth minded team that can help you create better digital products and a better business.

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